Quimica Logistics

Noting the diversity of the market, meeting the needs of our customers and being quality and service providers at competitive prices; We provide the best quality products based on our high-capacity storage, distribution and commitment of our staff.
Since our customer is the overriding factor in business processes that are performed with a high sense of commitment and honesty we make sure to have the best products from our suppliers globally recognized distinguished


Our Quality Control Is Unsurpassed

Quality is built in from the start. We buy from the industry’s leading manufacturers then extend this quality through every phase of the process.

We are international trader and distributor

We are always looking to improve our event to give you the best experience possible.

Our service knows no bounds

We work through 6 liquid storage plants and our product availability is through Kansas railway lines in every state of Mexico.


Our Clients





We are now Diesel Suppliers, Contact us for more information.